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GBZ | Gibraltar (North Mole Elbow)
36° 09' N | 005° 22' W D 2449.2

The port of Gibraltar is situated close to the city. The harbour area is protected by three long breakwater moles against the open sea. The moles form two harbour entries, which are marked by little light beacons at the so-called D-head and the A-head, but there is little known about them.

The lighthouse Gibraltar (North Mole Elbow) is situated at the E-Head. Actually, this is a harbour control and watch room situated at »elbow« of the northern breakwater, extended with a skeletal structure that displays the light. The whole structure is painted gray.

Access to the harbour ist prohibited, so that we had no chance to get any closer to the lighthouse. We shot pictures from the »Rock« instead, where you can have great views in any direction.

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