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Welcome to |! This website is about lighthouses - light beacons to help seafarers in finding their way through the night and misty wheather.

We are often asked, how many lighthouses in the world exist. In fact, we do not know. Although every ocean is charted and beacons listed, you cannot give an exact number of the amount of lighthouses in the world. This is because there is a thin line between a »real« lighthouse and a simple beacon.... and of course, there is no exact definition of what is a lighthouse.

What is a lighthouse? The more we think about it, the better gets that question. As we all know, a lighthouse is a structure with a light serving as an aid to navigation for seafarers. But on the other hand, not every aid to navigation is a lighthouse - there are lots of small light beacons, daymarkers that we do not consider to be a lighthouse. So there are just a few which fit to our understanding of being a lighthouse, and these are the only ones we collect on this website.

Maike & Malte at the Danish lighthouse Rubjerg Knude

This project takes some time. We spent a lot of time travelling along sea coasts and taking pictures of lighthouses and day beacons. But this is going to be an endless story: The more lighthouses we collect the more gets the work with finding data, writing texts and translations. So please by patient with us - we are constantly working on this project to get it better and better.

Help wanted! :-)

As you may see, English is not our native language. We do understand English well, but we still have problems in verbalising the texts of this website in English. So you could do us a great favor and tell us about translation mistakes or if you can provide us with better verbalisations. Thank you very much!

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